descriptiongtk2 x11 pager / window list.
last changeSat, 3 May 2008 04:12:22 +0000
2008-05-03 Javeed Shaikh fixed a placement bug master
2008-02-21 Javeed Shaikh Change desktops before activating a window.
2007-12-08 Javeed Shaikh Fixed another API change related bug.
2007-12-08 Javeed Shaikh Fix a bug due to slight API change in wnck-python.
2007-07-18 syscrash make iconified tinting configurable
2007-06-10 syscrash oops forgot a colon
2007-06-10 syscrash unbreak desktop name change update thingy
2007-06-10 syscrash start numbering desktops from 1
2007-06-10 syscrash add top and bottom centering
2007-06-10 syscrash allow showing desktop numbers instead of names
2007-06-10 syscrash separate x and y edge gaps
2007-06-02 syscrash bring up a nice dialog when an icon cannot be substituted
2007-05-29 syscrash ignore x errors
2007-05-28 syscrash correctly detect iconified windows on startup
2007-05-28 syscrash fix chdir issue
2007-05-28 syscrash let us be run from any directory
6 years ago master