Project Description Owner Last Change
.users/daf/buttbot.git Unnamed repository; edit this ... daf 4 years ago
.users/daf/cleanup-fdo-thumbnails.git Script to clean the FDO thumbn ... daf 7 years ago
.users/daf/dugite.git Dugite is an xmms2 client. daf 7 years ago
.users/daf/fmcrests.git Football Manager-like crest ... daf 5 years ago
.users/daf/gx2osd.git Unnamed repository; edit this ... daf 6 years ago
.users/daf/hock.git hock is a xlib/cairo clock ... daf 7 years ago
.users/daf/jupats.git Proof of concept code for ... daf 6 years ago
.users/daf/lal.git Lal is an X clock for the ... daf 5 years ago
.users/daf/mftail.git Ruby based multi-follow tail daf 5 years ago
.users/daf/nfl-2009-schedscrape.git NFL schedule scraper for 2009 ... daf 6 years ago
.users/daf/ock.git ock is a gtk clock dock applic ... daf 7 years ago
.users/daf/sparkline-php-0.2.git Unnamed repository; edit this ... daf 6 years ago
.users/fitzsimmons/fetchorders.git A script to grab all of the ... fitzsimmons 5 years ago
.users/syscrash/git-xml.git produces an xml tree describin ... syscrash 6 years ago
.users/syscrash/indent.git a script that fixes indentatio ... syscrash 6 years ago
.users/syscrash/parallelize.git simple shell command parallelizer. syscrash 6 years ago
BFBC2ConfigTool.git Unnamed repository; edit this ... fitzsimmons 5 years ago
BFBC2FavouriteManager.git A C# application to manage ... fitzsimmons 5 years ago
absement.git absement is an album-focused ... daf 5 years ago
arp-hawk.git is a arp table monitor for ... fitzsimmons 6 years ago
bob++.git A simple build system. syscrash 7 years ago
btoverlord.git manages bittorrent uploads ... andrewy 7 years ago
bunhax.git simple cpusets frontend. acidic 7 years ago
cashflow.git trivial bank account transacti ... syscrash 3 years ago
crosstalk.git Low latency client-server ... fitzsimmons 7 years ago
enigma++.git quote management system syscrash 5 years ago
enigma.git Quote management system suppor ... syscrash 7 years ago
fsniper.git Watches files and executes ... daf 6 years ago
gajim_utility.git A collection of dbus-enabled ... fitzsimmons 6 years ago
gedit-togglemenubar.git Menu bar toggle plugin for ... syscrash 7 years ago
lolopenid.git A gpg based openid provider ... fitzsimmons 6 years ago
minipager.git a pager that represents deskto ... syscrash 6 years ago
multiply-old.git Simple backup system. syscrash 7 years ago
multiply.git a simple backup system. syscrash 4 years ago
multishot.git multi-screen screenshot grabber. syscrash 7 years ago
nitrogen.git X11 wallpaper browser and ... daf 2 years ago
obconf.git Obconf is the openbox configur ... daf 7 years ago
obtheme.git ObTheme is an openbox 3 theme ... daf 6 years ago
openbox.git Openbox window manager (m4re ... daf 4 years ago
overlook.git repository update tracker. syscrash 7 years ago
pong.git Unnamed repository; edit this ... syscrash 4 years ago
rainbow.git rainbow is a ruby/gtk2 program ... daf 5 years ago
spongegallery.git Flat file based, XML driven ... jeremy 6 years ago
spongegame.git a side scroller in ruby jeremy 6 years ago
visibility-python.git gtk2 x11 pager / window list. syscrash 6 years ago
visibility.git x11 pager / window list. syscrash 6 years ago
xmms2-burner.git gtk2 cd burning client for ... syscrash 7 years ago
xmmsviewer.git xmms2 playlist viewer client syscrash 4 years ago
xvtrix.git video player that does timing ... syscrash 4 years ago